About Me

Welcome to Victorian Style Treasures where I design every piece of jewelry as a Treasure.  A part of an artwork that tells a little about you: if you love romance and femininity then browse my shop to see if you find that special treasure. 

I love the Victorian Style in jewelry and this style is what I incorporate in most of my handmade jewelry pieces.  The beauty and language of Victorian Jewelry intrigue me. Every charm and color I use has a meaning behind it. I am inspired by Victorian style, colors, and textures. I am in love with old-time jewelry and try to bring them into new romantic designs. This is why I design jewelry using the Victorian style in my designs.  Some of the designs remind me of jewelry my mom wore when I was a child.  

 I design jewelry in a “Smoke-Free”, pet-friendly Environment.  I would love to design a piece of jewelry for you, feel free to contact me.

I had no idea that I had a gift for designing jewelry. I had surgery back 15 years ago and thought I would not be able to work again. At this point, I started to think of a project (turned into a business) that would help me to keep busy and help financially.  I am working on a part-time basis and can’t wait to enjoy designing jewelry all the time.

In my part-time job, I get to be creative. You see I am a foodie for a Utah base grocery chain. I get to come up with recipes using the product assigned to me. I can sell and enjoy doing it.  All I have to do is start cooking and with the aroma, customers come running(literally).  I love my customers and enjoy their company. One thing I have learned is that you have to build a trust factor with customers. If they trust you, they will be back. This is what I have learned also in the jewelry business.

I love to design with Artisan beads, Swarovski, and Czech crystals and I love to work with patina paints. I love to change colors and textures on pieces of metal and cameos to give them a unique look. It’s magical!

I have four grandkids and a great-granddaughter. I love each one immensely. When I am not designing jewelry, working, or spending time with the grandkids, I love working in the yard, planting flowers, and watching the birds. I also enjoy reading a good book with a glass of iced tea on the patio (sometimes falling asleep, more often lately).

Thank you for browsing,